Thursday, 12 November 2009

thumbnail designs

These are some quick sketches of our game cover, the images are in the right places but with a few more pictures such as characters and objects, all of these pictures will be on the front cover in high quality.

Monday, 9 November 2009

outline of game

The game I will be designing is called MORTAL KOMBAT THE FINAL BATTLE. I am carrying this on from the mortal kombat saga. In this game you will be able to use all the old characters and maps as well as new ones. There are new characters such as ,minotaur, he is part human part bull and part horse who is the leader of all minotaur’s, night stalker, he is the master of all blades and the evil master the fire god blaze he controls everything to do with fire. You also have the choice of multiplayer mode, mini games, make your own character, campaign mode and online play.

Video cover analysis

This is an existing game cover for an xbox, this cover is in more detail and is easier to understand infomation about the cover.

Audience profile